The Medicine of Winter

Finding Your Way Through the Dark

3 things to stay grounded in love during tough times

Shits weird right now…..

How to find your way back home to self.

It’s November over here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a pandemic, the dark nights have arrived. So many things are closed that would help a person stay on top of their game, stay their peak self. So it’s pretty easy to want to stay in bed all day, numb out on Netflix, and nap at any chance you get.

Those things are great, it’s totally okay, shit’s weird right now. AND, how can you also stay centered in your truth and love even in all that?

I remember the first time last year I saw a video that @LaylaMartin posted about the 4 seasons. It was winter that really shifted my heart space.

I learned that winter is a space for healing and rest, yet I was fighting that. I was stuck in the “I must do A, B, or C, or else I am a failure” and “If I don’t go outside now I am a loser that just stayed inside all day”. I was still pressuring myself as if it was summertime and I was supposed to be really active and energized. (pressuring never works in any season)

I wasn’t surrendering into winter, into healing, and into rest. Why? Because I saw it as a bad thing, I am not good enough when I am resting. I am a loser.

Cue grasshopper playing sad violin songs. Those friendly childhood wounds of being abandoned and feeling unloved. They show up everywhere, of course they do. Those wounds run so deep.

And like anytime my wound shows up, I take a deep breath, I relax the tension around my heart and I say to myself, “That is not true, you know it, I am totally worthy of everything I need and want, relaxing right now is medicine for my body so I can return to spring rejuvenated”.

Becoming a coach has equipped me with so many resources.

This was not me two years ago.

You see, half the suffering is mental suffering.

When I bring myself back to wholeness, to love, in those moments of inner judgment and criticism, I am doing my part to change that pattern and heal that wound. I am doing my part to continue to return home to my highest self.

That is my mission for you today, this winter, this lifetime.

To commit to continue to return home to your highest self, no matter how often you stray away, keep coming back.

Here it is, my three steps to returning home when you get lost in the “I am not good enough’s” and when the kids are screaming and when you feel like a turned off blob of hot mess.

  1. Breathe
    Bring your awareness to your breath, take three deep breaths in and out.
  2. Relax
    Relax the tension around your heart, relax your body, relax your breath.
  3. Mantra (make this your own, whatever you need to hear today)
    “I am totally worthy of everything I need and want, the present moment is perfect, I have the medicine I need”. Do this in combination with 1 & 2.

Write it down if it helps to remind yourself throughout the day, put an alarm in your phone that goes off every day at the same time. You got this.

Winter can be a blessing when co-created from a space of centered, grounded, love, and acceptance. How can winter serve you this year? How can you serve yourself this winter?

I have studied immensely the most powerful tools to stay connected to my highest self and live intentionally. It has been so healing to become sensitized and have all my eyes wide open.

Winter is the perfect time for healing, talk to me if your heart is open and ready to receive the support it deserves and craves. You do not need to do this alone. Send me a message to book a Free Call and learn about my one on one coaching packages.

Follow me on IG@tareaselixir.

Hello, my name is Tarea and I am a sex, love and relationship coach. I am VITA certified. I specialize in healing sexual shame & tantra coaching.

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