The Medicine of Winter

3 things to stay grounded in love during tough times

Shits weird right now…..

How to find your way back home to self.

It’s November over here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a pandemic, the dark nights have arrived. So many things are closed that would help a person stay on top of their game, stay their peak self. So it’s pretty easy to want to stay in bed all day, numb out on Netflix, and nap at any chance you get.

Those things are great, it’s totally okay, shit’s weird right now. AND, how can you also stay centered in your truth and love even in all that?

3 Steps to Better Listening

Communication, The New Foreplay

I was guiding one of my clients in a tantra session and they shared that they felt unseen and unheard by their partner from a previous talk they had. Internally I was totally thinking “Ugh, been there.”

It reminded me that not feeling seen or understood is such a common struggle in relationships. Usually, it’s one person feeling that way and the other not even considering it. It’s okay, this is totally common and normal.

I am sharing this today for both individuals of this scenario and to offer what you can do about it.

Have you ever been in…

Beginners Guide to Tantra

Four Things Beginners Should Know Before Getting Started

I just finished putting on a couple’s tantric date night in my hometown of Victoria, B.C., and was gushing about it to an old friend. She was curious about what it would be like if she came with her partner to the next one, so she jokingly asked

“So what, do we just sit there and rub our genitals together?!”

I cried with laughter! It reminded me of how intimidating and unapproachable tantra can feel for most people.

But I promise it’s easier than you think to get started.

You don’t have to be “sexually advanced” or buy into “woo-woo”…


Hello, my name is Tarea and I am a sex, love and relationship coach. I am VITA certified. I specialize in healing sexual shame & tantra coaching.

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